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Policies and terms of investment



  • CISBIT ApS will issue an invoice, to a natural person or company, for payment of the wines that are to be invested in. The invoice will be VAT / Tax free for international customers and once the invoice is issued, the client has three working days to carry out the payment.
  • When the client is a personal investor, the invoice will explicitly state that                  all cost of transportation, insurance and tax declaration is the sole responsibility of the client.  (This apply only in the cases the customer like to import the wines in his country of residence)  Note: in case of wine investments, the wines should never leave our storage, but the obligations to bear the costs are required to be stated in the invoice)
  • Payment of the investment returns: Before we offer the wines to our customer, the investor will know via email what is going to be the sales price of their wines, the process of selling the wines can take from approx. 1 week up 3 months. After the wines are purchased and paid for by our buyers, we process the payment to the investor. In order for the payment to be processed, the Investor shall issue an invoice for the wines sold to our company and we will immediately facilitate the payment. Our company will request the investor through a purchase order to sell their wines, in this way the sale process of the investor will be reduced to an email confirmation.
  • CISBIT ApS do charge a commission fee of 10% at the time of purchase, this 10% will already be included in the sales price and we will charge an extra commission fee of 10% when the wines are sold to our customers.
  • The annual cost of storage is 3 Eur/bt to be paid in the first purchase. This payment will have to be made annually. In case the investor has more than 300 bottles stored with us, the cost pr. bottle will be reduced to 2.5 EUR.
  • Wines can go down, as well as up in va